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Globalpharma - a Sanofi company becoming a leading generics partner in the region

The need to protect and treat the 7 billion people on the planet is putting increased pressure on healthcare systems. By 2050, 17% of the global population is projected to be over 651. This demographic has the highest healthcare spending per capita, as the incidence and prevalence of chronic and acute illnesses rise with age.

Generic medicines are perceived to be an efficacious and cost effective approach for managing health care costs.

The challenges are immense, but with his experience and his expertise, there is also an opportunity for Globalpharma to take a lead in improving access to quality healthcare.

Globalpharma is now part of the Sanofi Generics network and will be the business platform in the Middle East.

With the creation of the Generics Division, Sanofi strengthens its commitment to provide patients around the world, reliable access to valuable and affordable high-quality, safe and effective medicines. In addition to being effective therapies, generic medicines also play an important role by enabling health care systems to invest savings in the development of future, innovative treatments.

1 Sanofi Generics corporate presentation 2014
2 Sanofi Generics corporate presentation 2014

globalpharma - a sanofi company

Sanofi Generics operates worldwide using already strong generics brands like Zentiva, Medley, Genfar, Winthrop and now Globalpharma with about 700 INN and selling 900 M boxes per year that represents more than 20 billion standard units2.

Because patients are at the heart of our approach, every day, women and men who are working for Sanofi Generics strive to identify and fulfil patientsā€˜ needs. Sanofi Generics Division is using innovation and adapted business models all over the world to make affordable, high quality generic medicines available to patients and to develop strategic partnership with healthcare management stakeholders.



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